Our client, an Australian airline, initiated a multi-year, CEO-led, billion-dollar transformation programme to significantly reduce procurement costs. As the programme kicked-off, the Chief Procurement Officer was struggling to validate the total savings of the continuously changing initiatives. The CPO was also concerned about the effectiveness of the current meetings with direct reports given the lack of up-to-date data. PIP was engaged to implement a tool that provided real-time data on the initiatives, train the procurement department on how to use the program, and work with the client on improving meeting effectiveness.

What we did:

  • Installed and Implemented PIPware CI.
  • Trained over 60 procurement employees on PIPware CI via workshops and one-on-one meetings to ensure skills remain at client site and developed a client employee to become the PIPware CI super-user.
  • Coached the department managers effective meeting frameworks for running results-actions-review meetings.

Client Achieved:

  • Gained real-time visibility into 500+ initiatives including, but not limited to: savings value, accountable owner, and status of initiative.
  • Streamlined data capture and management reporting for initiatives and gained additional benefits such as:
    • Reduced data input errors, reporting time, and redundant reports.
    • Improved user-friendliness through better visualisation easier data manipulation.

  • Enhanced meeting effectiveness from analysts to supervisors to executive managers by using PIPware to identify priority savings initiatives and those missing execution timelines.

“I had to collect a bunch of excel spreadsheets and then clean out the data just to get the total value of the savings. With PIPware I just click this button and there it is, my million-dollar page; it’s beautiful!”

- Procurement Planning & Delivery Analyst